[SICK][THEME] A.O.R. "Abundance of Red" for AOKP GalaxyNexus

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    Today we will continue with our Theme Series for the Galaxy Nexus where I will feature some of my favorite themes. Developer Atreyu presents to you another Super Sick Theme! This Theme is also heavy in Red elements! The Theme is built for the AOKP Rom which is linked to in the thread! Presenting to you the "A.O.R." (Abundance of Red) theme! They are calling this theme a work in progress, but it looks to be pretty much 100%. Just about everything here is themed including the Dialer, keyboard, softkeys, contacts, framework, system ui, notifications, app icons, and more!


    This theme is all themed out in red and black and also includes some inverted apps like mms, and dialer with red elements added. This Theme looks really sick and is worth a flash if you love RED! Atreyu has really been pushing out alot of awesome Themes for the GalaxyNexus. Be sure to head over to the thread and make him feel welcome!

    Grab the Theme Here and discuss!

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