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    Okay so most of us have been waiting some time now i myself have been waiting since the first day i got the device the date it was released.(ahhhh fond memories of sitting in the back room of a verizon store talking to my boss as he counted my cash and put it in a bag waiting for a week till we could activate my phone. Lol yeah) any ways im want to rally the troops here i have been calling every day since november 23 rd ans asking when the 2.2 or 2.3 update will be sent out. Yes people i am trying to bug samsung to death. Oh and dont get me wring verizon has a part to play but they kinda can charge me for things lol so i ask about twice a month. Lol. Anyways i dont think i myself can bug them enough so here you go 800-726-7864 that is the samsung phone number take the time to care about your device. I even have gone so far to actually ask them to send it to droidforums so that people that know what they are doing can grab it and make it