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    So I finally put the beta version of my shopping/grocery list app on the Android Market. It's called "Shopriant", and has a few nice features.

    - Sorting by aisle, category, item names, quantity remaining, etc
    - Cloud sync'ing, so your data is always safe
    - List sharing - share your list with family, friends, etc and it'll sync any changes amongst them
    - List modification notification. Be alerted when a shared list is modified by someone other than yourself.
    - Share List Request Notification - Be alerted to the existance of a new shared list request
    - Works without a data connection, and will sync when it gets one. This way you can walk into a store where you get no reception and still shop.
    - Barcode scanning to check of items

    I'm working on adding voice to text, and a few other neat features. Anyway, feel free to download it and give me any feedback (positive or negative). esult
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