Shop Easier with Amazon & Twitter Team Up; Add Products to Amazon Cart from Twitter

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    It seems that Amazon wants to make shopping as easy as a hashtag on Twitter, and yes we mean that quite literally. The two companies have teamed up to offer something quite intriguing for avid online shoppers. You can now link your Twitter account with your Amazon account and send products found in Twitter links directly to your Amazon cart. The process is quite simple too. You simply reply to Tweets with Amazon products in the, and include the #AmazonCart hashtag to send the item(s) directly to your Amazon cart.

    You will also be happy to know that this won't automatically purchase the item. You will still need to login in to your Amazon account and make the final purchase there, which could be viewed as an extra safety feature (or a way to give you one last chance to change your mind about the purchase). Here's a quote with a few more details, or you can watch the video above to get the gist of it.

    This could be seen as both a blessing and a curse to shopaholics! :)

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