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    Are you tired of flashing your D1 or DX just to have a corrupt code until you can fix that pain in the butt 16-bit checksum and reflash it?

    I have created an app that will allow you to calculate the correct checksum. If you are not sure where these numbers need to go, you may want to consider NOT messing with them. However, the more experienced SBF people that know where the checksum needs to go...please use it to save yourself the time and frustration.

    (It must be changed AFTER saving the SBF file. And the checksum is in the offests equivalent to the 4th and 3rd last bytes in the hmg file)

    Sholes SBF Calculator v1.0.0.1.exe

    Enjoy, and please feel free to provide any and all feedback. I take the bad as well as the good. Also, any suggestions?

    Currently I can only say this works for the D1 and the DX. I have not looked into the D2 yet, sorry.

    My next step is to create a boot logo SBF creator. Simply select the image you want and press save.. Wham! You have a flashable SBF to change you boot logo.
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