Sharing APK's that were taken off the market

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    I don't know if this would be considered hacking but with the success I have had so far I would deem so.

    My friend has an HTC EVO 4G (I have the HTC Thunderbolt) and has an app called Andy-83, it's pretty much is a fully functional Ti-83 calculator. It has been removed from the market place most likely due to copyright infringement, that was my guess. I have trolled multiple forums and threads to figure out to somehow transfer the APK to my phone with app mangers and sharers with only little success. I have the APK on my SD card because I transferred it with hooking both of our phones up to a computer and just dragging and dropping it in the folder my friend has on his. Would figure it would work if it was in the correct file right? Not exactly. Because I did Bluetooth tether our phones but it only sent me an HTML document link to the app, on the market place, dead end there.

    Apparently I have to install the app, and for that I do not know how. I currently have the app "APK" on my SD card, but it does not show up with File/App manager on my phone or any App I download from the market place.

    "Cliffnotes" Long story short, my friend has an app I want (Andy-83) that is currently not on the market place for most likely copyright issues. And I want it dearly, just for its uses. Why lug that big thing around when I can just pop it up on my phone? Exactly. I am convinced that there is a way, because although I am aware that if it isn't on the market place there has to be a significant reason it was removed, and Android itself probably has security credentials to make sure and or prevent it from being transferred and installed on other phones,

    So I ask the hackers of the forums, please help lol
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