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    My first post!

    Wow I have had droid for longer than most people here, and I've messed with it a lot andd let me say that Shadow is the best thing I have seen. It is so clean and so fast, and never random reboots on me. If you use a2sd, swap, a good kernal (p3droid lv1000 I use) and a fast launcher (adw I use), droid becomes so fast other phones look retarded.

    Any troubles I have had are my own such as a2sd and market issues, also I suck at the whole theme thing, so don't blame this rom for anything.

    Now there are good roms out there, XD I personaly was using DM 1.0 till recently this month and was skeptical of other ROMs even if they were stable. Unfortunetly DM hasn't come out with Durden in forever and they can't get the whole cammera thing to work on froyo.... so I studied posts and roms. I came to the conclusion that this is the best rom out there for these reasons:

    • its built from a reliable source
    • it is sparkly clean
    • its damn fast
    • very versitile with kernels

    Just a few. if you use this rom u may just as well not worry about adb except for rare exceptions. It does everything for you so now you can focus more on customizing and less on optimizing! Yay!