Shadow Shapes: Free Classic Fairy-Tale Puzzle

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    Get ready to meet a new release from Absolutist. It will bring us a lot of fun and positive experience.

    Now your kids can read, learn, solve puzzles and entertain at the same time. Shadow Shapes: Free Classic Fairy-Tale Puzzle is not an ordinary puzzle game for kids. It is also the great means for reading practice as it offers three amazing classic fairy-tales. Shadow Shapes: Free Classic Fairy-Tale Puzzle has three thematic packs: Cinderella, The Elephant's Child and Three Little Pigs. Each pack has more than 10 puzzles and a fairy-tale inside. It is a multiple-choice game that involves many skills for children to master. They can play solving nice shape puzzles and reading fairy-tales. Beautiful graphics is a big advantage of this app. All the pictures are pleasant and children-friendly. Each pack tells us its own story about love, friendship and kindness. Just give it a try and you won't be able to put it down.

    Main features:

    3 thematic level packs to enjoy
    Free book in each pack
    Numerous shape puzzles
    Children-friendly graphics
    Beautiful and easy game mechanics
    Great means for reading practice
    Educational brainteaser for you kids

    Shadow Shapes: Free Classic Fairy-Tale Puzzle is a great mix that combines amazing shape puzzles with a fun kids fairy-tales. Now your kids can immerse in the fairy-tale world full of magic, wonder and fun. Just complete all the pictures in the pack and embark on a fascinating journey with amazing storybook!

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