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    1. Forgot to charge my phone overnight. Trying to use my laptop to power it, green light is on, but Droid will not power up using the USB to the laptop. Looks like I have to wait about 40 minutes to charge up before I could use it. Doesn’t seem right.

    2. Task Manager Auto Kill doesn’t keep the battery life for a full day, always have to charge around 4pm. So from 8am-4pm battery is ok for about 5-7 calls. Miss my old Blackberry that would keep its battery for about 2 days. I am missing something?? Need another program? I have the screen at the lowest, everything turned off,Blue Tooth, Satellite, Wifi

    3. Droid contacts doesn’t sync with Microsoft. The box is checked for sync. I unchecked it at one point for force an update, but that removed all my contacts. I also use Touch Down for Microsoft sync, it has the latest contact information. So I use both Droid Corp Sync and TouchDown to sync with Microsoft because I don’t trust both.

    4. I have no idea how to copy and paste on the Droid X

    5. How can filter out the facebook contacts?

    6. Can’t search the Droid calendar

    7. Can’t search droid email.

    8. Looks like I can only search contact – so I use TouchDown for this.
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    1. The power over USB might not be enough to power on the device. I have the same issue with my older Gateway laptop. Plug it into the wall charger and it will work while charging. Although this only happens when the phone is completely dead (see the thread in my sig for info on how to improve batt life)

    2. Dont use Task Killers

    3. Im confused, your exchange contacts dont sync with the contacts app built into the phone?

    4. Long Press. <--- thats the trick with Android phones, long press if your friend.

    5. You cant, either you have them all or none. It sucks, but thats Blur for ya. Also, if you want to display just phone contacts, launch the contacts app (not from the phone app, but the actual contacts app) and scroll right.

    6. I dont think you can search the native calendar app.

    7. Open email and press the search button on the phone.

    8. What?