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    When I check what's been using my battery (via settings, about phone, battery use), it says Android System 95%. On other days when I've checked it, the Android System is always way up there (80-90%) even if I'm using lots of GPS, making calls, using Bluetooth, checking lots of e-mails, etc. My son's phone (Thunderbolt) has a number of different processes listed under the battery use, including screen, cell standby, WiFi, maps, phone calls, etc. and the Android System is way down the list.

    Anybody else get similar results? Anybody know why my Commando says Android system is using most of the battery? What does Android System include?

    I'm trying to figure out the battery thing - I've been getting pretty good life out of it, but was wondering what processes were draining it most to see if I could extend it further.

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