Serkel Icons Ask “Did I Do That?”

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    Yes Serkel. Yes, you did do that. You took me by surprise. I thought, at first that you were just another set of round icons. And to the un trained eye, you may have been just that. But your designer Milosch Lee saw big things for you. So he went to work in his basement (i’m assuming) with a lab coat on, steaming cauldrons steaming, boiling beakers boiling, bunson burners. . . bunsoning. Draft after draft, working tirelessly on his latest masterpiece!

    His mind set on a finding a way to step away from the standard icon pack and into something oozing “cool,” Milosch developed a top secret serum that he dubbed “Boss Sauce.” Applied to a standard group of icons, this special “sauce” gives icons so much charisma, so much charm, so much damn sex appeal, it’s not possible to look at them without swooning.

    So without further ado, I am proud to present to you: Serkel!

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