Selecting A Searched Contact Brings Up Another Contact (DROID4)

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by DrScarecrow, Apr 24, 2012.

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    Problem: On my brand-new DROID4 (edit: Android version 2.3.6), I'll type in the beginning of a contact's name with the QWERTY keyboard at the home screen and they'll show up in the search. When I select them, it takes me to a contact that is similar or near the name, but not the contact I searched for and selected. For example, when I'm at my home screen I'll type in "Helpdesk" (my work), select it, and it will take me to the contact listing for "Health Clinic." When I go back to the home screen or press the Back button and try to search again, I'll type in the desired name ("Helpdesk") and it will no longer be listed! Instead, the not-desired contact ("Health Clinic") will be the one listed, with no sign of the contact I want to select.

    Background information:
    I'm a two-year-old Verizon customer and tallied up over 50 contacts on my old 'dumb' phone, the LG Cosmos. When I got the D4, the first thing I did was sync my contacts between phones using the Verizon Backup application (which worked much better than I ever suspected Verizon could do). I have no technical problems with any other aspects of the Contact system (just complaints).
    I used to sync my Facebook account to my contact list (and it happened then too), but I disliked the terrible way that was handled so I uninstalled my account and no longer have the Facebook contacts.
    I have not rooted my phone.

    Other information:
    No, I am not accidentally pressing the contact below or above it (the 'alphabetics' of the contacts doesn't seem to have an effect, that is, the not-desired contact could be alphabetically before or after the desired contact). This is mainly because I prefer landscape orientation, and so it only shows one contact at a time (with most of the screen filled up by the Google search suggestions).
    I have tried scrolling down to see if my desired contact is listed, but it will only show the one contact, depending on how detailed I get in my search (for example, "He" vs "Helpdesk").

    I've Googled this, but no one seems to have the same problem.