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    Hello all!
    I've recently bought a new Samsung Fascinate on black friday!
    I've been itchin for a new screen protector and decided against buying it at best buy because they have inflamed prices and crappy protectors.
    I came across seinheil and the reviews have been incredible.
    EVERYONE loves them!!
    My one question about 'em is:
    What in the world is so different about the "SGP Steinheil Anti-Fingerprint Samsung Galaxy Fascinate Screen Protector [Verizon]" and the "SGP Steinheil Ultra Series Samsung Galaxy Fascinate Screen Protector [Ultra Crystal]"
    Besides the obvious of course!
    Is the anti-fingerprint matte? if not, how does the screen look compared to the crystal?

    Another thing: What does it mean when the Steinheil web says, "You may feel little hazy at first time for this product...." for the Steinheil AF?