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Discussion in 'Motorola Droid Pro' started by zenivzen, Apr 9, 2011.

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    I used to have the original Motorola Droid and because I was on my feet all day for work and could never actually keep still to charge a battery I came to the conclusion I'd just get a replacement battery to make things better. Well, I figured a $30 battery was good enough for me and purchased it with a charger that would charge the battery pack separately.
    But when I got it the battery, which does carry considerable life, wouldn't register well with the phone's battery display. I contacted the company and through a series of emails they asked me to call a number to speak with a representative who told me it was a probably with the firmware of the phone. They already had my money and I took it as a lesson learned but was a bit bent out of shape since the company was obviously aware of this before selling me their product.
    So when I upgraded to the Droid Pro, which uses the same type of battery, I wasn't shocked at all that the firmware wouldn't register battery life at all with the Seidio battery. A question mark actually appears in the battery icon and the phone will actually dim out but the screen will stay lit unless you physically turn it off. I mean the firmware actually intends to drain the life of the battery on purpose. The phone also actually refuses to charge the battery if it is plugged into the wall. The battery works, don't get me wrong, but even if you go through settings to find out the battery status it will show a question mark as well. A popup screen also informs that the battery is invalid and instructs the user to get a valid Motorola one.
    Now I can see that Seidio advertises on this website so I won't rag on their product but I will say I felt a bit suspicious that they wouldn't put in writing the subject of the above phone call yet I can find fault with Motorola too. I am not urging others to not buy these batteries but beware that some headache comes with them.
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    Sorry you've had such bad luck with battery replacements. The extended life battery sold by Verizon seems to be a good battery, I've not read any negative feedback from those who have bought the battery. It has increased the time between charges for me by 35-40%. Yes, it comes with a different back cover and adds some weight and bulk to the phone but it is negligible in my opinion. Seido products are usually pretty good, I'm surprised you've had the problems you've outlined. If you need an extended battery I recommend you try the one from Verizon. Yeah I know...more money.
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    I carry a spare vzw extended battery. Or when I travel by air 2 standard and 1 extended as spares.

    Seidio seems to be hit or miss lately with the quality of their products in general.

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