Seeking one collaborative partner on a project - Will share revenue w/ you

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    Thanks for taking the time to read this, I'm excited about talking with you one on one if this seems of interest to you.

    This should appeal to you if:
    1) You have the time and interest to work very part-time on a marketable Android app
    2) You would enjoy receiving a 10% commission on all revenue generated from the app

    I help run a fundraising company in Cincinnati, OH. I also happen to be the web designer, internet marketer, and the now self-appointed Android app developer (which I'm really excited about). I'm looking to partner with the right person who is not only a seasoned Android developer, but also doesn't mind helping out a new developer with the learning process. I have the ideas for the flow and functionality of an Android app that I want to create in order to further promote, and gather leads for, our very popular fundraising product (discount fundraising cards that pay an organization 80%-90% profit - see our website at

    My plan is to have the app provide three main features:
    1) Useful tips and information about how to easily raise funds for their nonprofit organization
    2) A screen that will allow them to "calculate" a simple gameplan based on user input
    3) A final screen where they can easily "submit" their order to start a campaign (no payment method required)

    Basically, the app will be monetized by:
    1) Offering it for free on the Market to encourage lots of downloads by our target audience
    2) Then using it to generate ready-to-buy customers who are needing to raise funds for their nonprofit organization
    3) A 10% commission on every order will be paid to the developer who partners with us on this project (average commission $150~$250 for each new customer!)

    I'm really looking for someone who can assist me in the development of this app in various ways so I can also get some development experience for myself, and also get a profitable app launched on the Market quickly. But instead flying solo and learning Android development totally on my own, I'd much rather find an expert who can help me learn during the apps creation and who would also appreciate an ongoing revenue stream for their efforts.

    Everything will be written up in a contractual agreement, and we can pay commissions weekly.
    If you have interest in talking more about this, please send me an email to or on Skype @ steveclark.thegocard

    Thanks for reading!