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    2015 is about to wrap up and if you are considered the tech guru among friends and family you will probably get the question of what is the best phone. As we know the question of phone of the year is all about perspective. In fact, I asked our staff to rate what they would consider phone of the year and it ranged from popular phones like the Note 5 and Nexus 6P to a person saying the Droid Turbo was their phone of the year. Best phone is one of those things that is about perspective. If I had to give my choice for phone of the year I would personally give it to the Note 5 followed by the Nexus 6P. I personally went though a period of playing with different phones and though the Nexus 6P was cheaper I ended up choosing the Note 5 and here is why.

    • Size: I wanted a large screen phone with a smaller footprint and when I held the Note 5 up to a Nexus 5 I was surprised at the similarities in size.. After the Nexus 6 I wanted something more manageable and the Note 5 fit the bill.
    • Performance: From gaming to navigation this is the best on the market. In case you want more proof I suggest checking the head to head videos on Youtube.
    • Battery Life: Easily lasts me a day (4 hours screen on time) and it works with the chargers I have.
    • Features: Having a Nexus I was all for vanilla android as it was clean and did not look cartoonish, yet I have to admit that Samsung offered a few features I found useful. And what I love most is how Samsung listened; instead of piling my phone with every S "app" and S Note "app" they could think of, they did the opposite by keeping it to the minimum and leaving it to the customer to install the rest. Is Touchwiz as clean as Motorola or a Nexus device, no, but for me it was close enough. And I like features such as S Pay, which is better than Android Pay in my book, and S health.
    At the end of the day the question I asked was if I could get a Note 5 at around the same price as a Nexus 6p which would I choose. Well thanks to the $250 BBY gift certificate I was able to make that a reality and I sent the Nexus 6P back and chose the Note 5.
    If cost was not a factor which phone would you say was the best and which phone would you get and why?

    But as a tech head it is easy to become a tech snob. I found myself at times watching people pick up a certain product and wanting to yell out why x was better than y. But after some maturation over the years I come to realize that it is not always about what is the best but what is best for the individual.

    Example: We see someone buy an Amazon Fire Tablet that is currently on sale for $89 and we are ready to jump on about how it is old tech and do not have the latest hd screen or access to the Google Play Store. Yes that is important to us an enthusiasts but for grandma's first tablet it may be better to go with the cheaper $89 fire tablet because of it's simplicity, interface, and the main apps they would use is readily available on the screen. An iPad may cost too much for what they consider a "toy" and an android tablet may be too much to learn and figure out. So over the holiday season try and help the person buy the best device for them and not so much the device you would buy because it is the best device on the market.

    Apple TV winning with the NFL

    We know Google was making a bid to get the rights to Thursday Night Football but so was Apple. With streaming becoming more and more popular there is a race to be able to stream live NFL games. As of now the only way to stream games would be either through NFL Sunday Ticket or Verizon ( exception: Monday Night Football can be watched via Sling TV). I feel like the winner of the streaming race will be the company that is able to secure the rights to the NFL first, so could Apple outbid Google and become the face of the streaming market?

    Source: Apple Could Make $24 Billion From Winning The NFL's Thursday Night Football Rights

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday

    How was your Thanksgiving week and what did you get during Black Friday?

    What are planning on buying for Cyber Monday?
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    Well written and well said PC747! I could not agree more with the statement "what is best for the individual", I have said that myself many times. The best phone on the market on paper may not be the best phone in the hands of every user.

    For me, black Friday resulted in two new Moto Maker custom Droid Turbo 2 phones. I am anxiously awaiting their delivery. Nothing planned for Cyber Monday right now. But who knows what tomorrow holds?

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