"Searching for GPS..." ever since I went to Canada.

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    Ever since I went to Toronto for a weekend my GPS has not acted the same. It does not lock on until the actual GPS locks on and doesn't attempt to use the aGPS (cell-driven GPS) at all. I disabled all data when I hit the border to stop the roaming fees but about 1 day in I said forget it and reenabled all roaming data and disabled all data savers. While in canada I could not get 1 byte of data to download (other than wifi of course) so I am wondering if the Canadian cell company borked my phone by provisioning it to their tower or something. Also, ever since I got back my 3G and 4G icons are white more often than blue and data drops a lot. I have rebooted and reseated the sim. Is this something I should take to Verizon? Also, I know this is a funny question but how do I get to Verizon customer service without the 1-800 number? On Sprint I dialed *2 but I cannot find a number in my contact list that references Verizon at all other than #BAL. Thanks in advance.
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    i would take it to verizon.

    Read these threads about the dropping of data connection. It seems there is something Verizon can do about this. I dont have this problem so i can not verify the accuracy of what the person is saying about taking it to verizon.


    Calling Verizon is easy from your phone dial 611

    My phone came with the following set up in it from Verizon
    #BAL (dials #225)
    #DATA (dials #3282)
    #MIN (dials #646)
    #PMT (dials #768)
    # Warranty Center (dials 1866-406-5154)
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