SDcard will not stay mounted to comp

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    I posted this on another thread and did not receive a response, so I figured I would start a new thread. I was in class yesterday with the Droid mounted to my laptop, taking notes and saving the word document to the phone during the lecture (I often use it as a flash drive). Suddenly, the laptop was asking me where I wanted to save the file. I noticed the mount icon was gone on the phone. I unplugged it from the USB port and plugged it back into the laptop, was able to mount, but for only a few minutes before the icon disappeared again. The phone simply wouldn’t stay mounted. I’ve pulled the SDcard out of the phone and reseated it (was able to read the card on the comp through a SD port), reinstalled the card, restarted my own computer, and tried it again. The phone stays mounted for a few minutes, then suddenly disconnects. This happens on other computers with different platforms as well. I should add that I can access my SDcard through Astro File Manager. All the files are intact and uncorrupted. One last thing, I’ve had the phone connected to the USB port without mounting the SDcard for about an hour, and it has stayed connected and is charging.

    Any suggestions on what might be causing this?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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