SD Card swap and now music/videos/youtube not working properly.

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by JCalderon24, May 26, 2010.

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    So a friend of mine has the same SD card as me but a whole different phone - She gave me her card so I could download music to her card and then give it back to her so she could have music. We've done this before with no issues. This time, however, after I downloaded music and gave it back to her - her SD card was empty and I had all her songs on my phone. Then I put my SD card back into my phone and everything was fine except now when I want to listen to music it will start playing and then just stop after a couple of seconds. Same goes with youtube and videos. The music seems to stop when my screen is timed out instead of playing in the background like it should... Any ideas?? Did I mess up my phone???? Also lately have been having issues with handcent - I will be typing a message and it will close and just take me to my homescreen for no apparent reason. I'd appraeacite the help because I love this phone!!!
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