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    Running FRF84b rooted. New to this so sorry if some of my terminology is off. I have music and custom ringtones on my SD card and life was good. Today when my phone rang, i noticed it was not the ringtone I was using but a weird beeping sound. So I do some looking and this is what I have found. If I go into Astro I can see my music and ringtones and can play them. If i start the stock music app I get "An error was encountered on your SD card". Custom ringtones do not show up through settings. My camera app comes up but does not save anything. I can connect my droid through USB and have access to the card just fine. I have backed up my info, unmounted, re formatted and reinstalled to no avail. Now something odd I have noticed is when I go in through Astro where it shows my sdcard directory(hitting home and then going up one level) it has a date next to it of 12-31 1969. I have seen that date when receiving an email occasionally but why would my sd card have that date. I did download 3 games from the market today bur uninstalled them and that did not help. Thats the only thing I did with my phone today. Any ideas??
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