SD Card not mounted or present! "HELP"

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    I posted in the Gzone section and had 259 views and no replys, so here we go. I have had a Verizon Casio G'Zone for about a year. Great phone everything worked up until Monday. I put the phone on charge on the dock as usual Sunday night. Monday morning I woke up and the phone said SD card not mounted or present. I tried to go to phone storage and mount the card. The option wasn't even highlighted. Well I took it out and put it back several times, nothing. Once it recognized it and said I needed to format the card. Well I had just backed the card up the week before so I went ahead and formatted it, nothing. It still does not even recognize that there is a card in the phone. I really need an answer. Everything still works great except I can't use the camera and have no storage. I can't even download a pic now either. Any help would be appreciated.
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