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    I'm having issues with my SD card. I have an 8 gig SD card installed which was originally installed in an HTC Eris..I tried reformating the card in windows when I hook it up via USB mass storage and still having the same issues. When I connect my phone with USB mass storage windows recognizes both internal and external SD storages..when I try using a file explorer such as file manager in order to view files on my external SD card I have to navigate to all the way up to the top directory and then to sdcard-ext..for Astro file manager in order to view what's on my external SD card there are 3 choice when I first open the app..My Files..My Files 2 and My Files 3..My files is where my external SD is located..My Files 2 and 3 both show the same internal storage.

    So what are the issues I'm having:

    Safestrap Recovery 3.11 when I trying using its file explorer and try navigating to the sdcard-ext where I was able to view my external sd's files in ASTRO File Manager nothing shows up..there seems to be a few SD or SD card extensions and they either contain my internal storages files or are empty

    Also with Safestrap when I try making a backup and try selecting Use External Storage it does not allow me to highlight it and only remains on Use Internal storage this also happens when I have a file saved on my external SD card and try to install it I'm not able to get to its contents. Also in the Mounting section where one of the options is mount external SD card I'm unable to check off that selection

    Lastly I have a few ROMs installed on different slots my internal memory is just about full. Now each of these ROMs I have partitioned to only 1gb. With that I've been trying to move my apps to my external SD card which has plenty of space left. I've tried using a few of those apps 2 SD card with no success as every single one never navigates to my external SD card. Most give me the option move to Phone or move to External SD it seems as though it recognized "My Phone" as the 1gb partition where my apps are installed for that ROM and the external SD card option is recognized as my entire internal storage with the standard 8gb..however my internal storage is pretty much full and I'm trying to install and move apps to my almost empty external SD card which none of these apps are seeing as I just said the external SD option in these apps think my external SD is my 8gb internal storage

    Sorry for the long explanation but was trying to be as detailed as possible if anyone could help would be greatly appreciated. Also in case you need to know what ROM I'm on I'm running Eclipse and also have CM 10.1 and D4HD and also have my Stock ROM still installed. I have the same issues on all the ROMs.


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