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    Hi folks,

    I'm new to the site and really hopeful you can help me out. To view my Outlook work e-mail on my Droid, my I.T. guy sent me a "certificate" I need to have on the phone, which basically allows the phone to access my work e-mail.

    So, I've followed the directions from the tips & tricks and other forum's on how to access the SD card: Plug the USB into the phone and the laptop, on the phone pull down the USB icon, open it, select mount. The dialog box on my laptop opens and seems to connect to the E drive. I move the file into the E drive.

    On the phone, when I view the SD card & phone storage, both total space and available space show unavailable. When the USB is disconnected, both show 14.93GB space available.

    I read on another forum to download the Astro application to help manage and locate files on the SD card, which I've done, but Astro shows the SD card as empty.

    I'm really stuck. This phone is of no use to me unless I can use it for work and e-mail management especially when traveling.

    Please help!!

    Julie, aka hagridveela
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