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Discussion in 'Droid Stock Help' started by Myric, Dec 9, 2010.

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    I recently got a SanDisck 32GB card for my phone, and I've been having problems. When I got the card, my phone sped up pretty well, but it wouldn't really load my music. That took a couple tries, and everything was fine. But then it started spontaniously shutting itself down everytime the SD Card was mounting, whether it was because I turned the phone on or if I unplugged it from the computer. At this point, this is the only problem I've been having with it, but it is a major problem.

    So the other day I formated (in phone) the 32GB card and put the 16 GB card back in, and it starts up fine, but the old problem of freezing up started again, especially with the net. So today I reloaded all the music and photos back onto the 32GB card and just put it back in, but the phone is no longer detecting the music that is on the card. All of this music was detectable by the phone before, and I'm not sure what the story is. Going back to the 16GB card is not the best solution because the phone would run slowly and then freeze when I would get on the Internet with it. The phone runs much better with the 32 card, aside from the issues I've mentioned. The phone detected the music pretty much fine before.

    So my questions are two:

    1) What can I do to stop the phone from restarting while the 32 SD Card is mounting,
    2) How can I get the phone to detect the music that is on the SD Card?

    Many thanks!

    Myric - Droid 1; 2.2
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    32GB cards are hit and miss with compatibility. It sounds like your phone may have a problem, or you have a bum 16GB card. Try another card you know to be good and see if it fixes the problem.