SD Card filesystem screwed up - USB Storage mode unmounding randomly

Discussion in 'Android Tech Support' started by Pele, Sep 10, 2010.

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    So my question has two parts.

    I normally run PortableApps off of my phone at work. It's more secure: I always leave USB flash drives around, I never leave my phone laying around.

    Occasionally, it'd randomly drop off of the computer. I'd see that the app stopped responding and the "You didn't click eject!" message would pop up. It'd usually happen once out of an eight hour day.

    This happened MUCH more frequently after I got upgraded to Android 2.2 It couldn't hold a connection more than five minutes or so.

    (Although it may have something to do with the computer at work... Never does it at home.)

    Anyhow, I just discovered that this has royally fu*ked my file system. Most of my data is screwed up, almost all of my camera photos are toast, I've scrapped PortableApps, and I'm trying to piece together various documents that have been shredded.

    1.) Has anyone else had this problem? How to solve?

    2.) Is there any way to set the SD card up to run a journaling filesystem? FAT32 sucks.
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