SD card errors = bad battery life? Guru help??

Discussion in 'Droid X Tech Support' started by Liquid_Cow, Nov 16, 2011.

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    So I've had some issues with this phone since it was new... glitches in the gallery where photos are lost (show as empty files), some times the gallery "camera roll" would show up blank and be un-clickable. Eventually I lost my SD card completely, even recovery programs on my PC are unable to access it, has to buy new...

    I put a new SD card in it and SBF'd the phone (was rooted) and it was like a new phone. I went from 9 hours to 40+ hours w/o a charge, everything was working great, then one day (literally over night) I went back to the way it was... 8 hours and battery was warning me, I'd take one photo and all subsequent photos would not save to the card, gallery issues... reformat the SD and problems are gone again WTF as of this writing I'm into day 3 since format and showing 16 hours "on" 2 hours screen time, and 60% battery left! This is the second time I've reformated with the same results.

    So question for the guru's: What is going on? What is screwing up my SD card? I am stock .605, but this issue goes back like 14 months now (way before GB). The day things changed, the one think I can say for certain I used for Google Maps, which also killed my battery that day. I'm going to experiment with it to see if I can duplicate, but is it possible that Google Maps is screwing up my SD card? Any other apps which I should be aware of?

    Do I have a bad phone?

    I'd like to ask anyone else having simular problems to see if they can duplicate this.
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    I recently had some similar problems. My home key stopped working, battery would die in about 7 hours, and the SD card would either say it contained errors and needed to be reformatted at a random time with no cause, or would just give me that message right on boot. My problems were fixed by an SBF and haven't come back since, but now that I've read your post I'm kind of concerned about them coming back again.

    My only advice would be to maybe try a factory reset, SBF again, or format the SD. Hopefully someone else has better advice
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