SD Card Encryption Error Occurred

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    I have the Samsung S3 4G LTE device running Android 4.1.2.

    My issue started when I asked my work to access work emails on my android device. Through their MDM (Mobile Device Management) Policies, I was required to encrypt my mobile device and my SD Card.

    When I format the SD card, I am able to add music + other files and the device picks up the SD card and encrypts the contents and i can use the files as required. (good)

    My issue starts when I have to turn my phone off to take out/replace my battery etc. When I reboot my phone and enter my pin etc, i am able to proceed further but my SD Card does not get encrypted at boot. I get an error saying 'sd card encryption error occurred'. When i go to encrypt the device again, it says 'Unable to encrypt SD card. Not Enough space on card. Approximately 1.00 MB needed. Delete some files. To use your SD Card, it must be encrypted. Tap Continue to encrypt your SD card.' .. and obviously when i press continue, i get this 'Unable to encrypt...' error again. At this point, i can't even view the contents of my sd card on my samsung phone. (very bad).

    The only solution i have found at the moment which is NOT feasible is to take my SD card out, put it in a computer, reformat the sd card, re-add my files and re-encrypt my sd card again.

    I know there is a 'Exclude multimedia files' when encrypting the sd card but this option is gray'd out as it is 'controlled by remove administrator' who is my work. They will not change their settings as it turns out, i actually work for a media company.

    Please advise!! Any help would be appreciated. All i really want to do is be able to listen to music!!
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