Screen freezing and requires hard reset

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    Has this happened to anyone else? I just got a refurbished phone on Thursday adn had to do a hard reset 4 times from Thurs night to Friday morning. The phone works fine until google play gets updated. Then when I go to uninstall apps the phone freezes up. I cannot press menu, or press settings or press the call button. The screen is blue. I've tried taking the battery out, taking the memory card out and nothing. The only option I have is to do a hard reset. I even tried changing the memory card back to my old phone and uninstalling apps off of the memory card in case that was causing the problem. It just seems as soon as Google Play starts updating the phone messes up.

    So I called Verizon and they sent me another refurbished phone. It was working fine until I started downloading apps from the market. Then it froze up on me again.

    Am I doing something wrong? From what I can see.. this is a common problem with the phone but can usually be fixed by pulling the battery. However, for me it doesn't do anything!

    This is what the screen looks like...
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