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    Okay, I bought one and installed it before I even found this thread.... Not including pictures because I suck at putting on sticky things! But all in all, it went pretty smooth. The Carbon Fiber skin for the back and sides is pretty durable and actually has texture to it, so it makes it much easier to grab the phone and hold on to it. The Screen protector is fairly thick, as some protectors go. It applies wet, and the solution is provided. Smooth and easy to apply when you follow the You Tube instructions the package instructions and website link to.

    Now for the really easy to take part... One of the vendors on Amazon sells the kit, Carbon Fiber Skin and Screen Protector, Military Grade Protection,
    for $8.95 US! Yeah, I bought a second one and I'll hang on to it in case I really screwed the installation and it falls off, but I'm happy with the look and the feel of the phone much more than bare naked. I've never been a fan of screen protectors, for a variety of reasons, but this one seems pretty nice.

    Try them out, for the money, and the look. Carbon Fiber is BAD AZZ Looking on the phone!
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