Scratched Screen .... and a questin for all with 3G lately

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by RW-1, Jun 4, 2010.

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    Boy what a week...

    What I didn't post about was that on Sunday hile at the pier, we had a bird strike on the rotor, had to have my wife drive down to AC, and get me, not fun at 10:30pm with my 4 year old daughter in her car seat. She got me at 12:30 and we got home (I drove, they slept) by 2:30AM.

    My day had began at 0630 ... I'm not a young guy anymore I suppose.

    Anyways, sometime after that, I discovered this week that I have an actual scratch on my Screen. Nearly vertical, about 1/8 in length.

    Not bothered by it, cant tell browsing, or playing games, apps, etc.

    Just bothered by it happening, must have been a key or something, I remember something making a noise next to it in my hand, bummer.

    But life goes on.

    My other thing I'm noticing is that since Tuesday morning, when I pull it off the charger and go to look at mail in the morning, I have no 3G symbol, mail cant connect to server, etc.

    I've had to turn off and back on to get it back.

    I'm in Nazareth, PA, good coverage, this just seems strange.

    I'm not rooted, stock 2.1, ADW launcher.

    Just wanted to see if anyone else may be experiencing the same thing, hould I update my roaming list (PRL's)?

    (I'm going to do that now anyways...)