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    I dont know what on earth I did to this phone yesterday, but all of a sudden, my home screen looks strange. It doesnt have my handy clock with the weather on it. And, instead of the up arrow, PHONE, and the Plus sign at the bottom, all i have is an up arrow. If I access MENU, there is no "Scenes" and if i go to Settings, then Personalize, then Scenes, i can select another scene, but there is no "Done" button to change it!

    What did i do, and how can I get things back the way they were? EEK! HELP!:droideris:
    I searched the forums and found a solution!
    menu>settings>applications>manage applications
    scroll down to sense and select it then select clear defaults
    hit the home key and a pop up will appear. check the box to do this action by default and then select home. Repeat this process (only swap home and sense) to go back to sense.
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