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    Ok, I have looked through a lot of the posts but none seem to be exactly what I am facing. If this is a repost I am sorry, but I am about to shoot my server.

    I have a Droid Inc with 2.2 running great. I have multiple customers that I can connect to their SBS 2003 server and ActiveSync works great. New customer wants to know if a Droid will work on their system. I use my DINC to test and all looks good. The droid connects and seems to be working. However it never pulls the contacts, calendar, or email. I can send email from the phone. I can even see the folder list when I click on menu - folders from the mail program. However it just keeps cycling through the sync and never pulls any info. They are used the self-signed cert provided by MS when you setup SBS 2003. But I have been able to get past that in the past by just clicking continue. This is the first time I am testing a self-signed cert using 2.2. Do they not allow self-signed certs in 2.2? Any other ideas would be great. I am really banging my head on the wall here.

    Thanks again
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