SBF option questions - lots of choices.

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    I have a droid x.

    I have some questions on the SBF files to use and how to use them. Seems like there are two and a half options to get back to factory 2.3.340.
    Question 1, using the TBH application, One is to use the 2.3.32 full SBF and the 2.3.34 system only file, the other is to use the 2.3.34 full SBF. Any reason for one set over the other to get to 2.3.34?
    Question 2, when can you just flash the above files through Clockwork recovery verses having to use RSD Lite?
    Question 3, some instructions say to mount drives during recovery prior to flashing, some do not. What are reasons for doing this?
    Question 4, I understand the file for MadersTcok is some compilation of the above files in an easy to use file for flashing through clockwork recovery. Any pros/cons to using this file? Do you get to the same spot as using RSD Lite and the TBH files?
    PS. I also posted this at MyDroidWorld.

    Thanks in advance.
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