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    So I got a replacement for my new DX today and it came running 2.3, I really want root so I SBF'd to 2.2 and all went well. Well, then I screwed up. I accidentally forgot to root before installing Droid X bootsrapper, so I installed the app (didn't even open it yet) and then installed z4root and rooted my phone. After the reboot my wallpaper was black, the phone was very slow, and I couldn't open any apps, and eventually froze up. I decided to SBF again and after it was all done I booted up my phone to no difference, rooted and all (but still unusable). I am trying to SBF once again hoping it works.

    Yea, it didn't work. This is bizarre I'm getting no errors when SBF'ing and everything looks as it should while it's happening.

    It took a few tries to get into recovery for some reason but I wiped data and cache and it seems to be working fine now.
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