Save Battery With The Optimus Battery Saver APP

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    Optimus Battery Saver is designed to make your battery last the entire day! Lots of battery is consumed by an always on connection. While we may not actually be using the connection at all times our phone is still constantly draining battery to stay connected. The Optimus Battery Saver app solves this problem with 5-saving modes which can be customized to fit your routine for ultimate battery savings. There is a general mode which will shut down services while phone is not in use. In this mode you can set intervals for your phone to connect and retrieve notifications from your apps. Night mode lets you turn off all connections while you sleep. Not only will you be saving juice, you also won't be disturbed while you sleep. Super Saver allows you to decide what to do with your device when the battery is critically low. Weekend settings allows you customize settings for your weekend routine which will vary from your normal weekday routine. Rush hour is a mode that will update your notifications for the crunch time hour of the day when you need everything to come through.

    The former 3 settings are included in the free version and you will get the latter two settings in the Pro version which is a good reason to pony up the $1 for the pro version.

    Optimus Battery Saver Pro
    Optimus Battery Saver Free
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