SAP AG Partners with Samsung to Push Android Into the Corporate Mainstream

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    SAP AG and Samsung have teamed up to make mobile devices running Android safer to use as corporate tools. As part of the partnership, SAP, the largest maker of enterprise-management software, will include e-mail encryption as well as making handsets compatible with device-management systems that remotely update software and can operate phone functions such as switching the camera on and off. The deal is the first with a maker of Android smartphones, but they are certainly no stranger to the mobile device market. SAP has inked deals with Research in Motion Ltd. for the BlackBerry platform, and Apple for iPhone and iPad devices. Samsung is trying to get Android to partner with the global leader in enterprise software is certainly the right way to go about it. Ulrich Trabert, a software analyst at Bankhaus Metzler in Frankfurt, said:

    Samsung spokesman Jason Kim confirmed that the two companies will make a joint announcement at MWC 2012, but declined to give any more details.

    Source: BusinessWeek
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