Sanity Check about to Root again.

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    Sanity Check about to Root again. (TiBu question)

    now using .902 root method! moto fail
    worked, now rooted. but its late so i guess i'll back everything up and brick my phone tomorrow :p

    ok a last question before i dive into the flashing.
    i've used tibu but mainly just to back up a games data.
    is there anything you would suggest backing up?
    (i've already backed up all downloaded apps)
    (and the motoblure clock, if that works lol i'll be happy)

    just updated to 905 (soak) yesterday.
    (a week earlier i completely cleaned my phone back to 902 (with help lol))
    just making sure.
    right now i have downloaded from
    he one click zip, the moto drivers
    [RELEASE] [05-09-12] Gummy 1.2.0 - The Chronicles of Nyania - TeamGummy - RootzWiki have downloaded gapps isc and the release for my phone targra from the nwere one the 1.2.3

    i just downloaded Bionic Safe strap 1.0.7

    and tibu once
    the plan
    root, back up what i want to bring over to safe side.
    safe strap to non safe side.
    in stall rom install gapps
    and back up and running?

    did i miss anything (other than the minor detals for all the steps i have a page open for each one.