Samsung will now let you reserve a preorder for the Galaxy Note 20!

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    On Samsung’s website, you can now register for a spot to ensure you’ll get a pre-order for the upcoming Galaxy Note 20. There’s no obligation if you decide not to purchase, but putting down your name and email address helps ensure you’ll be able to get a pre-order in before stock runs out.

    Better yet, Galaxy Note 20 reservations also give you a $50 “instant credit” that can be used towards other Samsung products, whether that’s a case or smartwatch to go with your new phone.

    When setting up a Galaxy Note 20 reservation, you’ll need to input your name, email, and ZIP code. You can reserve a phone anytime between today and August 4, and doing so ensures you’ll get the credit as well. That $50 credit, too, won’t expire for a few months if you want to wait and stack it on top of other discounts. The credit cannot be applied to the phone itself.

    Samsung Reserve Website