Samsung Will Not Debut Galaxy S IV at CES in January

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    The above image is an artist's render of the SGS4, and is not indicative of final designs, nor is it based upon any rumors.

    It looks like that video teaser yesterday from Samsung had nothing to do with the Galaxy S IV. We are not surprised by this news at all. In fact, if you check out our news from yesterday, you will see that we called it. The idea that they would launch their flagship phone at CES just a few months after the initial launch of their previous model was highly unlikely. The Galaxy series is just too big not to get its own announcement. The SGS3 sold over 30 Million units in just 150 days.

    At any rate, industry sources close to CNET have confirmed Samsung has zero plans to share the SGS4 at CES in January. Samsung's primary focus during CES in 2013 will likely be on advanced HDTVs. Of course, in a few months when Samsung does start amping up the hype machine for their next flagship, we will bring that news to you.

    Source: CNET
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