Samsung Stratosphere is wiggy!

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by dabravanel, Dec 8, 2011.

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    Hi. I just bought a Samsung Stratosphere after years as a windows mobile user. At first I loved it and kinda still do for its functionality and general coolness. However, it does a lot of wiggy things like:

    - asks me to force close email programs because they will not load. This happens at least every hour;
    - freezes up when trying to access certain functions like the pull down notifications menu;
    - using "Pattern to Unlock" function, screen does not recognize finger motions and does its own thing. I have to shut down to get it back.

    I brought this to the attention of a Best Buy sales person and he said that I will receive an upgrade to Ice Cream when it comes out and that should fix the bugs. Does anyone here have confirmation of that? Could it just be that the Stratosphere or my phone in particular are not up to snuff? Should I return the Stratosphere?

    In advance, thanks for your guidance.

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