Samsung Stratosphere II (SCH-i415) leaked

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    Last month, news has it that Verizon is planning to introduce the follow-up of Samsung Stratosphere(SCH-i405), which was very popular and sold well, in the late 2012 and will be released as Samsung Stratosphere II (SCH-i415), another slide phone with android 4.0 .
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    Although the phone is not released yet, some parts about this phone have already been leaked. Today we have got the LCD and Digitizer Assembly of Samsung Stratosphere II. And below are some comparisons between Stratosphere II and Stratosphere.

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    First of all, the shape and size of the two screens is almost the same, 4” inch screen. The only slight difference is that the edge of i415 looks a little bit curve and round while the i405 looks flat and straight.
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    As to the design, from the top of the front side, the sensor hole on the right changes its shape and position. And one more sensor hole is added on the left corner. Moving to the bottom, since the i415 is equipped with Android 4.0 OS, the three navigation keys on the left are the same as those Android 4.0 phones. However, another function key is added into the right corner. What is this key for? What kind of innovation will this phone bring us? Perhaps we need to wait until the announcement of the phone.
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    From the back side, we can see at the first sight that the version number of LCD is changed from GE35 to GE78. That is to say the LCD flex cable ribbon is re-designed. The size of the i415 is larger than that of i405. On the left part, two sockets are added, which are considered to be moved from the logic board. And the socket for navigation flex cable ribbon is also re-designed, from 6 pin to 9 pin. On the right part, the position of LCD socket also slightly changes.
    Moving to the digitizer flex cable ribbon on the right corner, both are shown “GE35”, and the data shown on the surface are almost the same. So we guess that the function of i415 digitizer will probably remain the same as the i405.
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    Any update on a release date yet?

    My wife is due for an upgrade and wants a keyboard phone again, so it's either the Droid 4 or the Stratosphere (hopefully 2).

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