Samsung Releases December Security Patch For The Note 5.

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    Nearly a month after the December security patches were released for Nexus devices Samsung has the same update ready to go for the Note 5. Even though it comes several weeks later and a day before Google's January Security Patch update it is still refreshing to see an OEM make the commitment to stay on top of updates. It is probably in Samsung's best interest to release these security patches as quickly as possible since they have been trying to market their phones as enterprise solutions.

    The update also features an improvement to the stability of voice calls. The build number is N920GDDU2AOL1 and weighs in at 71MB. This update is being released over the air and should be hitting your device soon. Before proceeding with the update know that Samsung has stated you won't be able to downgrade to previous builds once this build is installed.

    via Sammobile
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