Samsung Pay Will Support Online Shopping & Cheaper Devices in 2016

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    Samsung has already announced plans to bring their Samsung Pay service to a wider and cheaper variety of Samsung phones starting next year. Not only that, but Samsung also plans to make Samsung Pay available to support online shopping in 2016. The former was not surprising, but the later certainly is a shock.

    While it makes perfect sense for Sammy to want to spread their Samsung Pay technology to more (if not all) of their future smartphones, we can't help but scratch our heads at making Samsung Pay compatible with online shopping.

    We understand Samsung's desire to make more transaction fee revenue by making the service useable in as many ways as possible, but it will be hard for Samsung to get the thousands of retailers in Europe and North America to sign on when there are so many other options. When you consider that not everyone will have a Samsung device, that compounds this even further.

    While the idea of Samsung Pay for online shopping is an attractive option for folks who actually own a Samsung device, it will probably still be a relatively small pool of online shoppers. For now, the details on Samsung's plans are slim. We will keep an eye out to see what they make of this idea.

    Source: Reuters
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