Samsung Pay is Now (again) Officially Available on Verizon (with compatible devices)

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    Verizon promised it would make Samsung Pay work on its network with compatible Samsung devices, and it finally, completely and officially made that promise a reality. It was originally announced Monday and the update which would bring compatibility started pushing out to Samsung devices on Big Red's network. However, shortly after that, Sammy pulled it from the Play Store because it apparently needed to bake a bit longer.

    Whatever tweaks needed to be included by Samsung must have been finished because the Samsung Pay app is now back in the play store. Samsung indicated that everything is good to go, so Verizon owners of compatible Samsung devices should be able to use the service now. Specifically, the correct Samsung Pay app went live on the Google Play store at 9AM Pacific Time.

    Give it a try and let us know what you think of the service. Does it work as advertised?

    Here's the link: Samsung Pay - Android Apps on Google Play
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