Samsung Nexus Prime Revealed – Something BIG is coming. [Video]

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    [h=1]Samsung Nexus Prime Revealed – Something BIG is coming.

    Awwww Yeah! What you see above is the first glimpse of the
    Nexus Prime, screen-capped from a video just posted on YouTube by Samsung Mobile. Quick on the heels of yesterday’s iPhone event, Samsung and Google are drawing attention back to their court. What are you waiting for? Watch their CTIA sneak peak right now!

    Ok, did that whet your appetite? Let’s take a moment to really analyze that picture up there. It appears the snapshot is showing the phone facing up, from the left side. That being said you can see what looks like a camera slightly protruding out of the backside, the standard three pins for some kind of a dock and what appears to be a power button on the lower end side but it could be a dedicated camera button. There’s definitely some sort of small round symbol down there as well. Earlier today we weren’t sure earlier if the Prime would have a curved screen. Looks like this picture settles that debate. There shouting of the word BIG obviously means the Prime is going to be 4.3″ or larger.
    Wow I am so pumped right now! Anyone else excited? Let us know in the comments.
    [via androidcentral]