Samsung Nexus niggles and issues

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    Hi all,

    Here are the issues that I have experienced on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

    Phone detail ICS 4.01
    Carrier Vodafone
    Location UK

    Right where do I start!

    Firstly, I would like to say that I'm very impressed by the Nexus phone (or should i say handheld computer- as this is how it performs). For many years I was an advocate of Blackberry but defected a few month ago to the Nexus phone. Brilliant choice, I might add!

    Since using my phone i have experienced some niggles which I would like to share with you all. Each niggle that I have experienced I have diligently scoured the Internet to see whether this was unique to me or whether others had experienced the same issue. So far I can confirm all of the points I have listed below have been experienced by others.

    Annoying in priority order:

    1) There are numerous drop calls, something which I never really experienced before. Same location (my house) and the same carrier (Vodafone). I went as far as (being somewhat of a geek) putting my sim into my blackberry for a day - perfect reception no drop calls. Plus many have reported the issue. So much so it's been resolved as I type.

    2) The second issue, which has so far only happened once, totally freaked me out, while watching a video on my Nexus, the phone shut down for what seemed like an enternity. In reality it was about 15 mins or so. I repeatly pressed the on button but to know avail. I removed the battery several time repeating with the continual hitting of the on button. For all intensive purposes I had reconcile that the phone was dead and that I would have to return the unit, which I have named Josephine. My misses say I spend more time fiddling with it than I do her :happy3:. So just to throw some fuel on the fire I aptly named it

    Another user also experienced the same issue - on this forum. Search on 'so I returned my Nexus...long story' for his experience.

    3) last but not least after about 15 mins or so of using the phone, and I aways have the screen brightness on the lowest setting to preserve the battery, it gets awfully hot near the ear piece. So much so that one time my daughter accidentally touched the screen with her arm after a long run fiddling with Josephine and she flinched by the shock of the heat on her arm. Again other users have reported this issue or should I say point. The phone is useable and can be still held to the face.. It makes a perfect hand or ear warmer:happy3:

    Point one would have been a deal breaker if it had not been acknowledge by Samsung, but as it appears to be software an not hardware I'm prepared to wait for a fix as it is such a lovely device.. Sorry I mean she's such a lovely device.. Sad, I know to give a phone a name other than it's manufactured name.

    So I now have two women in my life that give me trouble. Lol.. Both upgradeable one on one hand is easily upgraded the other thwart with pain and tears.. I prey my misses never sees this post. Lol..