Samsung News: Details on Galaxy Note 4 Plus Samsung Galaxy Glass

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    We have a couple of Samsung tidbits for you today. First up, one of Samsung's execs, Lee Younghee, vice president of Samsung’s mobile division, recently shared that the Galaxy Note 4 might be coming with a flex-display. This isn't the first time we have heard this rumor, but it is the first time coming from Samsung themselves. He did qualify his statement by reiterating that the final design was not decided yet, so Sammy's plans might change before it actually launches. We will keep your fingers crossed that things work out.

    The other morsel we have is definitely more rumor than solid intel, but it is interesting. Supposedly, Sammy might be ready to announce their own version of Google Glass on June 12th to go along with their Galaxy Tab S announcement. Additionally, it is very likely that if they do, the resulting product will come with their Tizen OS instead of Android. Oh yeah... it will also supposedly be called Gear Glass...

    How original.

    Source: BGR
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    Certainly, explains why Google was filing for Patent Rights to the word "Glass". Should be interesting to watch the Google vs. Samsung battles that are soon to follow.

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