Samsung Gear VR Gate?! Could Permenantely Damage Your Smartphone!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Dec 5, 2015.

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    Another week, another headline eye catching clickbate gate! The Samsung Gear VR is at the top of my Christmas list, and this little bit of news won't change that. Some users on reddit are reporting that the VR headset can burn your screen causing irreparable damage. These users are reporting that if left in sunlight the lenses can focus like a magnifying glass burning the screen.

    There have been multiple reports of this actually happening. The consensus has been to never take the headset outdoors. This could also damage your eyes if you don't have a device in the headset. Samsung warns that users under the age of 13 shouldn't even use the Gear VR as it can have a negative impact on the visual development of children.

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    I'm all for VR....but these current headsets seem like a gimmick - it's more or less just holding the phone closer to your face than normal and blacking out the edges to give the illusion of immersed viewing. Same thing can (and HAS) been done with frickin' cardboard.

    I suppose it's a small market, still, and it's would be difficult to compete with the glorified cardboard imitations...but give do it right with it's own processor and hardware guts in something lightweight and comfortable to wear.

    Like I said, problem is that would cost probably $600 or so. But if I'm going to dabble in VR, that's what I want...not some jury rigged monstrosity that is worthless without my phone.
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