Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs, Diagram & Release Date Leaked [Rumor]

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    Here's the latest intel on the Samsung Galaxy S7. This time we have a leaked diagram, a full spec-sheet, and a general guesstimate of a release date. First up, the release date will supposedly be on or around February 22nd, 2016. This seems to confirm some of what we already hears on the "street."

    As you can see above, we also have what is supposedly a leaked diagram for the Galaxy S7. The source of this report includes the following spec-sheet info:

    "Samsung Galaxy S7 details (pre-official)*
    • Dimensions: 143.4 x 70.8 x 6.9mm (5.65 x 2.79 x 0.27-inch)
    • Display: 5.2-inch Super-AMOLED with 1440 x 2650 pixel resolution (that's Quad HD, or 2K) (or 5.5-inch for the Edge)
    • Operating System: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
    • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, Samsung Exynos 8890 (octa-core)
    • RAM: 4GB RAM
    • Camera: 12MP back-facing camera - similar to Sony Xperia Z5, with 4K video recording abilities, dual-LED flash *downgraded from our last report, which suggested 25MP
    • Front-facing camera: 8-megapixel (similar to this year's model)
    • Battery: 3,500mAh (guesstimate based on historical precedent)
    • Internal Storage: 16, 32, 64GB, microSD card slot for storage expansion
    • Special Features: Fingerprint scanner, Force Touch pressure-sensitive panel (under display), Corning Gorilla Glass 5 front and back panels, curved glass edges on rear, similar to Galaxy Note 5
    " ~ SlashGear

    This doesn't appear to include any new info. It basically just confirms earlier rumors. For further discussion on the Samsung Galaxy S7 series, here's our dedicated section: Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Plus, S7 Edge & S7 Edge Plus
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    S 3, 4 and 5 users are certainly the target market. Is there enough change for an S6 user upgrade?
    What are your thoughts?
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    Having been with the S series from beginning, I would have to say there typically isn't enough of a change year over year for the "average" consumer. That being said, each years device has provided a noticeable updrade in processing speed and camera quality, and imo that's what's important. Usually battery life is too, but not with the S5 to S6, that's the only area the S6 fell short, comparatively speaking. I feel that an upgrade from the S6 to S7 will be a much more worthwhile upgrade if all of the rumored specs turn out to be true. The processor, the camera, the battery life will all be MUCH better with the S7. AND... the fact that they're reintroducing the ext sd card is a big deal for most hardcore Sammy fans.
    Just my 2 pesos

    S5 tap'n
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