Samsung Galaxy S7 Latest Rumors: Iris Scanner, Early Availability & Only Two Sizes

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    The latest intel from Samsung-land seems to both confirm and refute some earlier reports. It also adds something slightly new to the mix. Here's a breakdown of the three latest rumors for Samsung's next gen Galaxy S7 series flagships:
    • The Galaxy S7 will only come in two sizes/variations at launch - Galaxy S7 will be 5.2-inch with flat design, and Galaxy S7 Edge will have dual-curved edges on a 5.5-inch display
    • The Galaxy S7 production is set to begin in February and may ship at that time
    • The Galaxy S7 might include an iris scanner
    The production schedule isn't really anything new, although it is a bit faster than the March retail rumors we have shared earlier. The contradiction is that this report details only two devices at launch. That is in stark contrast to the "four device" rumors from earlier.

    Finally, the iris scanner is both new and old. Back in June we caught wind of a rumor that Samsung was working on this tech, and that it might show up in the Galaxy S7, but this is the first we have heard the rumor again.

    Here at HQ we are skeptical of this last one. It's hard to believe that iris scanning eye tech has been perfected enough to put in mass market items at the $600-700 price segment. We would love to be wrong on this one though...

    Source: Reuters

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    Amazing how fast we are progressing in cell phone tech. So about time we get to the Galaxy 8 we will have device that will iris unlock as fast as the nexus 6P fingerprint scanner unlock.
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